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Quality flowers delivered around the world

EC Global Promotions LTD. is one of the largest independent internet sales venues for flowers in over 80 countries. We work with local florists who can deliver the quality of flower bouquets that our clients expect.

EC Global Promotions LTD has been offering flower a line of flower bouquets since 2008 with over 300,000 bouquets delivered to our satisfied clients.

How do we work?
In each city or country we contact local florist who can garantee a good quality of flowers and who have an existing delivery service that is reliable. When a client orders his flowers thru us our local partner will have the flowers prepared and delivered.

Our Brand

“Welcome to Internet Florist”

Internet Florist is an international delivery network connected with many leading florists around the world. We can assure that our partnering florists will deliver fresh flowers in a beautiful presentation.